Land Rush

Three years ago, the Eternal Storm died out. King Kronnan immediately dispatched his elite scouting units into the unexplored wilds beyond. They eventually returned, declaring that the wastes were effectively uninhabited. Eager to have these new lands populated so that he might begin ruling them from afar (and collecting taxes from them), the king has declared The Great Northern Land Rush.

While certain people have been granted particular lands automatically or through lotteries, the most potentially profitable grants… the largest, those most likely to contain valuable resources, those that contain ancient (apparently uninhabited) structures… will go to those who can prove themselves most worthy to face the challenges of the wilds. For this purpose, the king has convened the First Landrush Games, a series of combat and adventurous challenges to determine just what level of stake the competitors have the right to claim.

The potential levels of land grant to claim in the games are:

Rush Town Business (Copper Ticket)

These are grants that entitle you to a spot of land in what is projected to turn into a town, ideally suited for building an inn, tavern, or shop on. Of course, that likely means you’ll have to protect the town until it can get started…

Rush Town Site (Silver Ticket)

The next step up, these are grants that entitle you to the actual site projected to turn into a thriving town. While bits and pieces of the land would go to winners of copper tickets, you would effectively be entitled to automatic mayorship of the burgeoning boomtown.

Resource Site (Golden Ticket)

While not likely as scenic or populated as land in one of the rush town, these grants are likely the fastest and easiest path to great wealth. These grants cover large swathes of land that the scouts and surveyors deemed most likely to contain valuable resources… usable timber, valuable ores, rich soil, other similar things.

Dukedom (Platinum Ticket)

There are ten of these grants up for grabs. Large land grants that encompass several of the other sort of grants each, one of these entitles the holder to a title, automatically elevating them to the ranks of the nobility. (Assuming they can take and keep the assigned bit of land.) The dukes will be able to collect taxes from all the other grant-holders that live on their own land after a period of five years.

Kingdom (Diamond Ticket)

There are but two of these grants up for grabs, effectively splitting the entirety of the new land beyond the Wall between them. Those in the political know whisper that King Kronnan intends to appoint a third King of the currently known lands and thus declare himself Emperor (and is likely to expand his territory in other ways soon after). Each of the two kingdom grants includes an ancient, unpopulated edifice for the new ruler and their retinue to move into and conduct affairs of state from.

Land Rush

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